Northeast Tennessee

Persimmon Ridge Potluck

Northeast Tennessee

Beautiful Saturday morning for 9 pax to worship with work.
DISCLAIMER- Cluck is not a professional.
PRAYER- Watch our steps and our hearts, Lord.
Motivators from 6, lil babies with pretzels and seals and overheads, merkins in cadence.
Four station moseying from ball field to soda machines to entrance to Wetlands to pavilion. 

  • Each station had 10 cards from a regular deck of playing cards (Thank you, Pam).
  • Pax carried their coupon from station to station.
  • 2s, 3s, and 4 cards were removed. Reps for each exercise were the value of the card. Jacks=11; Queens=12; Kings=13; Aces=15. Jokers = 100 side straddle hops
  • Clubs= CPR’s; Spades= block squats; Diamonds= coupon flutter kicks (4 count); Hearts= Blockies

Round the horn for ankle biters, Freddie’s, pickle pushers.
PRAYER- Thankful for Homer’s return and Pam’s successful knee surgery.

MOLESKIN- Cluck told story of Marcell Ledbetter on the airplane with his bible. The businessman asked him why he was reading a bible. Marcell said that was what he believed. The skeptical man said there’s no way a fish swallowed up Jonah and spit him out alive. Marcell said, well, when I get to heaven I’ll ask him. The man said you won’t see Jonah in heaven. Marcell replied, well, then you ask him.

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