Northeast Tennessee

No More Curse

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Today’s workout was dedicated to celebrating the Cubbies and honoring their long-suffering fans. Fittingly, some of the Pax and (especially) Q Slugger showed up bleary-eyed after a long night of awaiting the outcome of the Greatest World Series Game Ever.™ Nothing like an early morning workout to shake those cobwebs loose.

Side Straddle Hops (25 IC)
Little Baby Arm Circles (15 each way IC)
Through the Tunnel (10 IC)
Imperial Walkers (15 IC sort of—counting is harder than it looks)
Windmills (15 IC)
Merkins (7 IC—Burpee Train on the way)
Willie Mays Hays until BT rolled in
Burpee Train
Hillbilly Walkers (15 IC)

Like some nightmarish episode of Sesame Street, the numbers of the day were 108 and 7, to represent the 108 years the Cubs and their fans waited for this World Series win and the 7 games it took to claim victory. 
Each Pax embarked on a series of trips around the loop (1/2 mile each circuit), stopping at four stations along the way and completing the following:
                                                 27 Merkins
27 Squats
                                                                                                                                                27 Big Boy Sit-ups
27 Lunges                                                                                                                                             
Add ’em up, and that’s 108 reps each trip. At the end of each 1/2 mile loop, Pax did 7 burpees and hit the trail again. All in all, an impressive display of endurance to rival that of generations of Cubs faithful who had long awaited this day.


YHC gives a hearty welcome to Scandal, visiting from Raleigh, and a hearty thank you to the Pax for bearing with me on my first Q.



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