Northeast Tennessee

10, 20, 30 Problems

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

What a beautiful morning to suffer some upper body punishment with a visit from a much missed IH vet. Hope to see more and more of you again Whoopi. I promise to do more than 10 things during COP next time.


Keep us free from injury and bless the day

In cadence SSH x 10, in cadence TTT x 10, in cadence slow squat x 10, in cadence WillyMH x 10, in cadence slerkin x 10

The Triblock was calling so we must answer. We ran the block with a stop at each corner for some energetic body motions designed to create a stronger and more pleasing torso area.

  • Corner 1: 10 x burpees
  • run
  • Corner 2: 20 x merkins
  • run
  • Corner 3: 30 x coupon curls
  • run
  • circles are fun….. they just keep going.


In cadence Flutter kicks x 30

Joanna did a thing where you do like a sort of a mini V-up type movement but then hold it and rock back and forth until it hurts (it doesn’t take long), then you try to do the same thing while holding a superman. It was weird…maybe we should practice it more.

I want to thank Sugar for the leadership and constant energy, even while battling injury, over the last year brutal year at IH. We were lucky to have you as our AOQ.
Titan Challenge coming up on Thursday at IH. Hope the PAX ‘s legs are ready for it.

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