Northeast Tennessee

Ranger Time Trials (Spring Edition)

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

12 pax climbed Ranger Hill for a clear, dry 48 degree morning of work.
Warm-up was quick with some Through the Tunnel, WMH (left and right), and Shoulder Pretzels.
From the archives, once again, YHC pulled out last the now established “Ranger Time Trials” timed challenge that will be used by Rangers during the new Beanie Era to assess their progress every few months during a Q.  Our new AOQ/CPA Beanie is already creating a spreadsheet for tracking, starting with today’s numbers.  

We moved into two segments of the Q: a series of 1 minute exercises with a 1 minute rest between each then a series of 2 minute exercises with a 1 minute rest between each.  Pax recorded their reps on the parking lot with chalk provided by YHC.  After moving through all of the exercises,  YHC had the pax move over the to the official start-line of our Strava-verified Ranger Mile and kicked off the last part of the Ranger Time Trials with the Ranger Mile.  Several pax set a PR on the course today with all 12 pax finishing with a dash up Ranger Hill.

No time.
We don’t have to come out to do the hard things we do; we choose to come out to do the hard things we do.  The pax at the Range are here to push themselves, push one another, and sharpen us to be better men.
Get on the Q!  Remember that convergence is coming up on Saturday at Iron Valley.

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